How to Use This


The purpose of this guide is to facilitate discussions within your school district about your data and IT systems and their ability to support your district’s mission and goals. We recommend that you use it to promote team discussions and develop priorities for improvement–rather than using it as a strictly evaluative tool.

Your responses on the self-evaluation are for your use alone. CCER will not and cannot access data about your responses.


The first three chapters are designed to be used as self-evaluation tools. Each chapter is divided into sub-sections with resources to provide you with further information and examples that will help you to think about the self-evaluation questions. Complete each sub-section until you have moved all the way through the chapter. When you have reached the end of the chapter, your results can be compiled into one print-ready document. You can also download the full Self-Evaluation as a PDF by using the button at the top of the page.

The last chapter, Meriden Innovations, highlights many innovative practices that can be found within one Connecticut school district. Meriden Public Schools has taken some exciting steps to ensure that its data systems are well integrated and supportive of the district’s mission.